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23 April, 2012

Picasso, between words and Pictures

We are currently getting ready to stage the latestPicasso in Words” micro-story writing competition!, which is now in its third year! The event was launched in 2010 as a joint venture between the Museu Picasso and the LletrA project at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), and each year and we are happier with the level of participation and the results.

As in previous years we have selected a number of works by Picasso which we hope will inspire you to write a short story of 1,500 characters. The pictures we have chosen this year are: Portrait of Aunt Pepa, 1896; Fairground Stall, 1900; Blanquita Suárez, 1917, and Las Meninas (Infanta Margarita Maria), 1957.

Portrait of Aunt Pepa, 1896 | Las Meninas (Infanta Margarita Maria), 1957 | Blanquita Suárez, 1917 | Fairground Stall, 1900 | © Reproductions of Picasso’s work: Successió Picasso. VEGAP. Barcelona 2012

What we’d like you to do is choose a Picasso and write a story inspired by that particular piece. Think, imagine, create: you’re welcome to follow any narrative thread that the picture suggests. And you have until Friday 25 May to send us your stories!

Cristina Martín
Comunnity Manager

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Posted by: Redacció del Museu


Tags: LletrA, Picasso, story, UOC

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Cuándo se dan a conocer los resultados del concurso?
11-06-2012 9:58 | Editar
Redacció del museu:
Hola Dieguito, el día 25 de junio haremos la entrega de premios y publicación de los ganadores y el día 13 se hará público el fallo del jurado
11-06-2012 19:12 | Editar
Muchas gracias por responder tan pronto! Saludos.
11-06-2012 22:40 | Editar
Redacció del museu:
Dieguito en el último post publicado puedes consultar los resultados del concurso y los relatos ganadores
14-06-2012 15:13 | Editar
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