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5 ideas from “The Museum of the 21st century” talk between Directors of Tate & British

Yesterday in London, Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum and Nicholas Serota, director of Tate, discussed about the Museum of the 21st Century in front of an audience of 500, at the London School of Economics. The event was coorganized with Thames & Hudson. While the announced podcast is not yet available, here are 5 ideas I’ve chosen from the excerpts publishes in Guardian and in Social media and Comunications:

  1. Museum’s future lies on the internet: the relationship between institutions and their audiences would be transformed by the internet. Museums would become more like multimedia organizations.
  2. The Museum will address audiences across the world and will be a place where people across the world will have a conversation. Those institutions which take up this notion fastest and furthest will be the ones which have the authority in the future.
  3. The future has to be the museum as a publisher and broadcaster: there will be a limited number of people working in galleries, and more effectively working as commissioning editors working on material online.
  4. The growing challenge will be to look for online capacity and encourage curatorial teams to work there as much as they do in the galleries.
  5. In the past, there has been an imperfect communication between visitors and curators. The possibility for a greater level of communication between curators and visitors is the challenge now.

Can’t wait to listen to the whole discussion. Podcast soon (update: it’s already available) in LSEvents.

Meanwhile you can read Guardian article and/or Social media and Communication blog.

Conxa Rodà
Project Manager

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  • Conxa Rodà
    July 10, 2009

    Afegit al meu post d’ahir:
    Ah, ho sabia! Ja s’ha generat polèmica a l’entorn de la importància dels objectes de la col·lecció. Jo al final de post m’hi referia, doncs avui ja ha sortit un article encès al Guardian “Museums are all about the physical artifacts”.
    Què en penseu? físic i virtual són 2 mons antagònics o són més aviat complementaris?

  • Ernest
    July 16, 2009

    Virtual i presencial són ja avui mons no paral·lels sinó complementaris; gairebé tots al llarg del dia anem entrebarrejant accions als dos, el virtual forma part de la quotidianitat. Els museus, amb l’extensió virtual poden enriquir i amplificar moltísism l’experiència i coneixemnt.
    Em va agrdar el q es va dir a Londres de + comunicacio entre experts i visitants, els visitanst tenim molt a dir q pot ser útil als experts i a la vegada tenim molt a aprendre d’ells.

  • Diana
    July 25, 2009

    Sí que va ser interessant aquets debat. El punt 2, de fet, és la síntesi del q és 2.0: un lloc de conversa. M’agrada q hagin fet aqwuesta connexió entre museu i lloc social: venint de directors de 2 grans institucions té una particular rellevància.

  • Anna
    July 25, 2009

    jo treballo en un petit museu comarcal i sembla mentida q costi tant encara convèncer conservadors i altres companys del museu de la importancia de ser a la xarxa amb una presència important, activa, en creixement continuu i no merament testimonial

  • Dr. Seema Bhatia
    October 8, 2009

    excellent works, canr wait to see them live.
    one day haoping and will have same name and fame.
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